how to make that cool aqua text





;Outline method in Photoshop

This is one of my favorite text effects, in the end you will have letters like the one below


In this tutorial I will show you how to make that cool aqua text that is on my header. In the end you text will look like the O below. (based on the look of a text created by )

Learn how to spice up your graphics by adding simple outlines. There are some even easier to make the effects in this tutorial, but I'm going to show you the old way to do it, and probably the most flexible.

欧亿测速登录 1

欧亿测速登录 2

欧亿测速登录 3

欧亿测速登录 4

First off make some text, make sure that it is large and bold like the image below.

Start with a new image about 400x400 pixels with a chosen background, (I'm using white). Make any kind of wacky shape for your button (for this tutorial I will show you one shape). Start by creating a new layer and using the Rectangular Marquee draw a rectangle roughly the size you want your button. See picture opposite.

The fist step is to make your text. I chose the font : Times New Roman, with a size 450, and a light blue color.

欧亿测速登录 5Start by opening Photoshop and creating a new RGB image. I used the dimensions of 550x150 in the example. Then create some text by using the Type Tool (keyboard shortcut T).

欧亿测速登录 6


欧亿测速登录 7

欧亿测速登录 8

Now take your text tool and right click and choose rasterize type

欧亿测速登录 9

With your text tool selected. right click on your picture and choose "rasterize layer" Now duplicate your layer, by pressing the arrow on the layers panel and selecting "duplicate layer"

欧亿测速登录 10Next Ctrl click on the text layer to select it. Then create a new layer by clicking 欧亿测速登录 11. Click and drag the new layer below the layer that your text is on. Go Select>Modify>Expand and choose the number of pixels that you want your outline to be. I chose 2 pixels in the example.

欧亿测速登录 12

Click the channels tab and create a new channel. Fill the selection in with white. You can now deselect (CTRL +D). Now go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and use a setting of about 3.5. Click OK. Next go to Image>Adjust>Levels and drag the two bottom triangles towards the center until the button looks nice and smooth (see image). Click OK when done. Hold CTRL and click on the channel "Alpha 1" to select it. Click the Layers Tab.

欧亿测速登录 13

欧亿测速登录 14

Hold Ctrl and click on your text layer on your layer pallet to select an outline of your text


Set your new layer mode to screen.

欧亿测速登录 15Now choose the color that you want your outline to be as the foreground color. Then hit Alt+Backspace to fill the selection.

Now take out your gradient tool, making your forground a light grey and your background a darker gray fill your selection so that your text looks like the image below.

欧亿测速登录 16

欧亿测速登录 17

欧亿测速登录 18